Monday, November 21, 2011

Cheese Blintzes

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Today is my first post for the SRC (Secret Recipe Club)! The idea behind it is that each person is assigned a "secret" blog where they have to choose one recipe to make. On the posting date, each person reveals their blog assignment and the recipe they chose. We also get to see who had our blog and the recipe they decided to try out. Sounds like fun to me!

This month I was assigned to Susan's blog over at You Go Girl! As soon as I saw her recipe for Cheese Blintzes I knew I wanted to make them right away. Never in a million years would I have thought to make them using white bread, but it worked! The filling was delicious and the coating was a perfect compliment. These are great for a quick weekend breakfast or when having company over. Enjoy!

The creamy center. YUM!
Printable Recipe

  • 1/2 loaf of white bread
  • 1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese, softened
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1/2 cup sugar, divided
  • 1/3 cup cinnamon
  • 1/2 stick butter
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Beat cream cheese, yolks and 1/4 sugar and set aside.

Mix together the remaining 1/4 cup sugar and cinnamon in a separate bowl. Set aside.

Melt a stick of butter in another bowl.

Cut crusts off bread (you can stack up 4-5 slices at a time and cut the crust off). Using a rolling pin, roll out each slice of bread as flat as possible.

Spread cream cheese mixture on each slice. Roll up jelly roll style with mixture inside bread.

Dip each roll in the melted butter and then in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. You can freeze and save for later or cook immediately. If cooking, place them on a cookie sheet and cook for 15 minutes. 

If you want to freeze the extras, before baking place them in an air tight container lined with wax paper and freeze. When ready to eat, thaw 15 minutes and then bake at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes.

Source: Adapted from You Go Girl


  1. Oh what a great blog you got for SRC. It reminds me of cinnamon toast with the volume turned up. I will have to make this sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Welcome to SRC! I am thinking these look like great midnight snacks! :)

  3. These blintzes sounds wonderful! You chose a great recipe for the Secret Recipe club. Here is what I cooked up from group C: :)

  4. I have always wanted to try blintzes! That cinnamon sugar looks divine! This was my first SRC post as well. It's a great way to learn about new and lovely yours! : )

  5. Oh my goodness~these look so good!

  6. I saw this on the SRC round-ups! They look so good... with the cinnamon and the cream cheese! I've looked around your blog and love all of your recipes... especially your Gourmet Mushroom Risotto and your Not Your Average BLT with Spicy Mayo. I am your newest GFC follower :)


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